Our Classes

Glen Waverley South Primary School has two main buildings comprising seventeen attractive classrooms, a fully computerised, well stocked library, a Visual Arts classroom, a Japanese class room, a Performing Arts classroom and a multipurpose centre. All classrooms are heated and air-conditioned. The multipurpose centre is used for private music lessons, some performing arts activities, physical education sessions, gymnastics, school assemblies and for the Out of School Hours Care program.

Every classroom in the school is connected to the local area computer network and has wireless access to the internet.

There are an average of 22.3 students in each class across the school.

2017 Grade Structure

In 2017 GWSPS is using the following class structure based on the format of the Victorian Curriculum. All levels (except for 1 level 5/6 class) are single level classes. 

Foundation – 2 x Foundation classes

Level 1 - 2 x year 1 classes

Level 2 - 2 x year 2 classes

Level 3 – 2 x year 3 classes

Level 4 – 2 x year 4 classes

Level 5 and 6:

– 2 x year 5 classes

– 2 x year 6 classes

– 1 x year 5/6 class


It is important to recognise that each teacher differentiates the curriculum to meet the learning needs of students with a wide range of abilities. This is applicable in both straight and multi-age level grades. All teachers use a range of ongoing assessments to plan and provide each child with appropriate learning opportunities across the curriculum. All children are provided with a supportive, engaging and challenging learning environment. All teachers work in teams to ensure the best learning outcomes for each child.