Excursion Policy


The school’s excursion program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting.  Excursions complement, and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at our school. 


  • To reinforce, complement and extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom.
  • To develop an understanding that learning is not limited to school, and that valuable and powerful learning takes place in the real world.
  • To assist with the social development of students through participation in activities in a variety of settings.


  • Teachers will plan excursions and in-school activities to supplement the eight key learning areas and to link excursions, where possible, to the school’s integrated curriculum.
  • School Council will determine an ‘Excursions Levy’ each year.  Parents can bulk pay for the year’s excursions or pay for individual excursions as they occur. Refunds will be available on request. To assist in this matter, parents  have an opportunity to sign over their “EMA” cheque if applicable.
  • The excursion levy does not cover sports events in which only individual students participate. School camps and swimming sessions are also not covered by the levy.
  • All endeavours will be made not to exclude students simply for financial reasons.  Parents experiencing financial difficulty, who wish for their children to attend an excursion, will be required to discuss their individual situation with the Principal.  Decisions relating to alternative payment arrangements will be made by the Principal on a case-by-case basis.
  • All families will be given sufficient time to make payments for excursions.  Parents will be sent notices before the excursion date reminding them of the need to finalise payment.  Children whose payments have not been finalised at least 24 hours before the departure date will not be allowed to attend unless alternative payment arrangements had been previously organised with the Principal.
  • Office staff will be responsible for managing and monitoring the payments made by parents and will provide classroom teachers with detailed records on a regular basis. 
    A designated ‘Teacher in Charge’ will coordinate each excursion.
  • Prior to any child attending an excursion, parents/guardians must have provided to the school a signed permission form.
  • The designated Teacher in Charge of each excursion will ensure that all excursions, transport arrangements and excursion activities comply with Department of Education and Training guidelines
  • A mobile phone and a first-aid kit will be taken on all excursions.
  • Special considerations The teacher aide or nominated teacher will be responsible for any special considerations for students with disabilities.
  • Arrangements for students not attending excursions will be made with other classes.
  • Copies of completed Permission forms must be carried by excursion staff at all times.
  • Only children who have displayed sensible, reliable behaviour at school will be invited to participate in school excursions.  Parents will be notified if a child is in danger of losing their invitation to participate in an excursion due to poor behaviour at school. The decision to exclude a student will be made by the Principal, in consultation with the classroom teacher and the Teacher in Charge.
  • If any student displays behaviour that is considered dangerous to himself or others, he/she may, in consultation with the principal, be removed from the excursion/camp.
  • By the end of February of each year a Yearly Excursion and Camp planner will be produced and sent home to parents with the newsletter, indicating term by term proposed excursions and appropriate costs.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle